About the “&Noble” partners

Andrew Clark works in a variety of contexts.  Because of this, he has established partnerships and companies that are “noble” in pursuing the same values and principles he holds in partnership with like-minded people.  These groups can be considered under the Noble Brand of Andrew’s professional practice.

I do not think or care to act as if I can say, think, or do everything.  I’m grateful for better men and women that together, can make a difference in others’ lives.

With this statement, Andrew gladly works with the following operations in some decision-making capacity or management level:

Noble Brand Coffees & Tea

Using fine coffees and organic teas as an entry point for meaningful impact.  Each sale benefits worthy non-profits, carefully chosen and consumer-picked by 15% of the product.  Customers are households, businesses, and non-profits seeking monthly delivery, customized gifts, or special products that nurture their philanthropic efforts.  Visit Noble’s Site


A research and solutions company, FosterMarly works to develop a better understanding for its clients, so that they can make better decisions for their constituents and clients.  Polling, Research, Feasibility Studies, and several Business Solutions exist to have clients be better equipped and effective.   Visit FosterMarly’s Site

717 Strategies

A consulting company that matches organizations together in such a way that they both are successful and thrive.  A key phrase for the group is “to bear good fruit.”  Generally 717 is only available for private placement and works strictly by referral.  They also engage tools for growth of a community through childhood development in sports ventures and training.  Visit 717 site

Minutemen Investments

A real estate practice for for investors of real estate, both corporate and private clients.  A network of like-minded brokers and advisers are linked to provide a militia of expertise and insight for the best possible outcome to growth one’s capital/wealth.